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Rā 101 Rātu 11 o Paengawhāwhā

I didn’t take a photo out and about today….how did that happen? Ah! I didnt go out! But as I reviewed yesterday’s workshop in a school, I looked at the photo I took of the post it notes I had asked the participants to write their ‘takeaways’ of the day on.  This one made took my breath away! Very affirming. Thank you, feedback like that makes it all worthwhile. 

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Rā 100 Rāhina 10 o Paengawhāwhā

I love that I get to work with so many amazing educators who share what they are doing to inspire their students. I also get to see the very different challenges that face teachers in all sorts of settings.  Today I had the privilege of working with a group of teachers in Thames.  

The other great thing is seeing the beautiful countryside as I drive to places across the Waikato. I had to stop on the way home to take this rainbow in the Kaimais this afternoon. 

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Rā 99 Rātapu 9 o Paengawhāwhā

We woke up to a beautiful morning in Eskdale. Clear blue sky, warm sunshine though just a wee nip in the breeze to remind us that it’s really autumn.  It’s a shame that the numpties in the car on the other side of the campsite started their engine and shone their headlights into our tent at some ungodly of the morning and woke us up! 

Leisurely breakfast, pack up and the long drive home.  Great weekend. 

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Rā 98 Rāhoroi 8 o Paengawhāwhā

Away weekend with the girls! We traveled down to Napier yesterday evening, put the tent up and headed out for a delicious indian meal. A lazy start this morning followed by a stroll along the beach. The debris left by Cyclone Debbie is a treasure trove of driftwood, pumice and random household detritus.  Amongst the ocean worn wood, bark and pebbles we found tyres, pallets and the prize of the day – a vacuum cleaner nozzle that matched Renee’s broken one!! 

But the main event of the day was our reason for being here; the Dixie Chicks at Mission Estate Wineries.  They were brilliant though I wish they had played for longer and disappointed there was no encore! 

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Rā 97 Rāmere 7 o Paengawhāwhā

I went for an early morning run to pick up the car we had left in town last night after going to the pub! The water level of the Waikato river is as high as I’ve seen it in the 9 years we’ve been here.  Two photos to see the extent of the flooding but it is minor compared to what paves like Edgecumbe have had to deal with. 

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Rā 96 Rāpare 6 o Paengawhāwhā

Amongst the busy-ness of work I managed to grab a coffee at Demi-Urgos – definitely the best coffee in Hamilton.  Maintaining work-life balance by slotting in a 12km run with Jo from Little Waipa to the swing bridge and back.  Very happy (but knackered!) to have run all the way and completed in 1hr25!  The water flow after the last two days of rain is impressive.  Unfortunately, my photo of the wee waterfall is pretty poor so you’re getting coffee instead!

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Rā 94 Rātu 4 o Paengawhāwhā

Tail end of Cyclone Debbie is dumping its rain on New Zealand. Wet! Another French film this evening – perfect weather for going to the cinema. A social commentary whose message was bleak but which managed to leave you with a sense of hope for humanity. ‘Standing Tall‘ or ‘La Tête Haute’ tells the story of a young boy growing up and surviving against the odds with the help of a judge with compassion and a social worker who recognises himself in the boy. A few tears were shed!

Today’s photo is from the rain.  A splash of red in the wet.