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Rā 363 Rātapu 31 o Hakihea

Hogmanay. Last day of 2017. I know my numbers are messed up..maybe sometime in 2018 I’ll go through and work out where I went wrong! Stole a couple of hours out of preparing for holidays and this evening and headed out to Pukemokemoke. Very happy that I managed to run up, down and round twice in less than an hour! AND I saw this beautiful tui. Not sure yet if I am going to continue with a photoaday … I have another project which is a weekly photo challenge. I might just mix it up a bit!

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Rā 362 Rāhoroi 30 o Hakihea

Went out today opshop shopping with a friend. Good fun spotting treasures. I came away with two dresses, a couple of chairs and some 1970s fabric to reupholster them. Project for 2018!

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Rā 357 Rāhina 25 o Hakihea

Christmas Day 2017.

It was strange not to have any children in the house on Christmas morning. The start of times to come, I suppose.

The boys arrived late morning for brunch. Waffles and fresh fruit with fresh coffee outside in the sunshine.

Board games followed which meant a late dinner. Managed to get the boys together for a family photo. They don’t change!

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Rā 356 Rātapu 24 o Hakihea

It was lovely to have Christmas Eve visitors today. A last minute change of plan saw Harry Hoggarth and Megan arrive yesterday afternoon for their last 24hrs of their stay in NZ.

Breakfast in the garden followed by a walk in to town for lunch, then a dash to Auckland airport.

Lovely to see Gus and Harry still friends after all these years.