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Rā 274, Rāmere 30 o Mahuru

So, do I share the photo of the 5 comatose 17yr olds that were strewn slug-like across my living room this morning after an all-nighter playing computer games and watching horror movies?  Maybe I’ll spare you that one! 

I felt inspired to sew this evening after scoring a blanket for $5 in the charity shop.  Turning blankets into cushions to raise funds for Oxfam – this was my first attempt. Quite pleased with it. 

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Rā 273, Rāpare 29 o Mahuru

Aonghas had an early Birthday party today as we, dreadful parents that we are, will be away next week on his real birthday. A food shopping trip was called for. This is not a usual trolley full for the Robertson household!  A good haul for 17 yr old boys,  though! 

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Rā 272, Rāapa 28 o Mahuru

A long day at the computer planning for ULearn and doing my PTC stuff. So it was good to escape for a walk to the arboretum. The sky looked threatening but we managed 8km before a few drops started to fall. By then we were back at the car!  Beautiful light. 

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Rā 270, Rāhina 26 o Mahuru

Went out to start the Great Kiwi Bee Count today. 2 minutes watching a plant of your choice and count the number of honey bees and bumble bees that turn up. I chose the apple tree which is in blossom.  No bees, just ants. And I am going to cheat again today and post two photos.  One of the blossom complete with ant and one of this beautiful wee apple which is still clinging on after the winter. Wonder if it tastes as good as it looks?!  


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Rā 269, Rātapu 25 o Mahuru

Plumbing update: we still have a leak! 

Aonghas is enjoying his early birthday present and we are enjoying the tunes.  Caught this moment as Nigel tried to help him with finger picking… Love seeing my boys together. 

Here’s a cool photo of Aonghas engrossed too…