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Rā 241 Rāapa 30 o Here-Turi-Kokā

No problem choosing a photo today! Our Hilly Boys are Intercity Div 2 Champions!

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Rā 240 Rātu 29 o Here-Turi-Kokā

Spring equals nesting time and this blackbird was very industrious today as she flew back and forth collecting leaves to line her nest.

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Rā 238 Rātapu 27 o Here-Turi-Kokā

A great day out in the river trails today. Building distances now for Abel Tasman in October. Scarily close! Managed 28km reasonably comfortably with plenty of elevation. It must be spring because the air was full of pollen. It almost looked like must until we saw the yellow dust settling on our clothes

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Rā 236 Rāmere 25 o Here-Turi-Kokā

An interesting day which started off helping a French family in a tragic situation. They needed a translator and I was able to step in and do what I could.

This evening I was glad to have the freedom to see the beauty in the world. Counting my blessings.