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Rā 173 Rāmere 23 o Pipiri

So, this happened today. Aonghas poured himself a glass of home pressed apple juice which he diluted and added some sugar to. ( he didn’t need to add sugar but he has a sweet tooth!)  Then he put it on the table at his place to dinner. About 5 minutes later we heard the sound of glass breaking. The glass had spontaneously shattered! Very neatly but lots of mess! Apple juice all over but glass in a neat pile. We collected it all and put it on a plate to carry away but took a photo first. 

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Rā 169 Rāhina 19 o Pipiri

A day working with inspiring teachers again. Today I was in Taupō.  Got ready to go for a run at the end of the day to find I had left my shoes at home!  Went for a swim instead. A tad chilly but refreshing and beautiful – swimming with ducks!two ducks flyin low over the water of a blue lake with snow capped mountains in the background

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Rā 167 Rāhoroi 17 o Pipiri

Bit off a bit more than I could chew today!  I should have stuck to my gut feeling and turned around earlier but I went with Jo and Paula all the way to Waotu South which meant I had to come all the way back! Had to dig deep for the last 5km!

So, 31km under my belt. Wonder if I’ll be able to walk tomorrow! We are lucky to have the Waikato River Trails on our doorstep though!

View of waikato River snaking in the distance with quarry in the foreground and

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Rā 166 Rāmere 16 o Pipiri

After a long day in workshops, I was ready to curl up on the sofa in front of the fire. But we had tickets to see Tami Nielson and boy, did she wake me up! What a stunning voice and a brilliant show. Also discovered another cool little venue tucked away in The Tron. Shh! Not telling. selfie of a performer and a stage struck fan!