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Week 16: Portrait

This week is a technical challenge and we have to consider how lighting can be used to best suit the subject. My sons are unwitting (and unwilling) subjects, so I have to catch them off guard!

This morning we went for breakfast as a special treat and while we were waiting for our meal I spotted son number 1 engrossed in reading on his phone.

When we got home, I caught son number 2 playing his guitar.

I decided to edit both photos and use black and white. Then touched up the exposures to light their faces.

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Rā 269, Rātapu 25 o Mahuru

Plumbing update: we still have a leak! 

Aonghas is enjoying his early birthday present and we are enjoying the tunes.  Caught this moment as Nigel tried to help him with finger picking… Love seeing my boys together. 

Here’s a cool photo of Aonghas engrossed too…