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Rā 357 Rāhina 25 o Hakihea

Christmas Day 2017.

It was strange not to have any children in the house on Christmas morning. The start of times to come, I suppose.

The boys arrived late morning for brunch. Waffles and fresh fruit with fresh coffee outside in the sunshine.

Board games followed which meant a late dinner. Managed to get the boys together for a family photo. They don’t change!

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Rā 188 Rāhoroi 8 o Hōngongoi 

Had some time with my boys. Both going on adventures this week; Aonghas to Christchurch for his u18 hockey tournament and Lachlan to Oz for a well-earned holiday. So we went for tea at one of favourite restaurants. Good to see them both chatting away.

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Rā 108 Rāapa 19 o Paengawhāwhā

I spent today with some inspiring teachers today in a beautiful school in the heart of the Waikato. They are embarking on a journey with enthusiasm and passion. So lucky to be a part of it. Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo as I dashed straight up to Auckland afterwards and we were so busy during the day. 

Instead I’ll share this collage of my boys because I love how they are all smiling and I miss them when I’m away!

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Rā 91, Rāhoroi 1 o Paengawhāwhā

Another year. Another birthday. It was lovely to spend time with my boys today. Coffee with Nigel and Gus this morning (Lachlan was working) and dinner as a whole family this evening.  The only full family photo was a not very good selfie so today’s photo of the day is me and my big son because I don’t see him half as much as I want to now! 

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Day 160 June 8th 2016

I was quite nervous doing my first keynote presentation for the CLA in Napier; fortunately I could use the cold as an excuse for my legs shaking!

It was good to get up high after a day inside working and make the most of the last hour or so of sunlight.  The Bluff Hill Lookout enclosures are built on the remnants of two World War II gun emplacements and there is a stunning view all around. Looking down at the container port made me think of our own container that we brought out 8 years ago – all our world in a metal box shipped across the oceans. At the end of the day, it’s just stuff – our world is our family and friends on both sides of the globe.  But stuff also triggers memories. I wonder as I get older how I will hold all those memories in my head – what is the “stuff” I would choose to keep to rekindle deeply hidden memories?  I think it would be my photos.



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Day 158 June 6th 2016

I didn’t take a photo today but my sister sent me some photos of my niece and great nieces.  So lovely. It always amazes me (although it shouldn’t!) how when we look at our children we see parts of ourselves so clearly. Just little things like the way they stand, the tilt of the head or a twinkle in an eye. 


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Day 116 April 25th 2016

Started the day listening to the Anzac ceremony on RadioNz,  then coffee and churros with Las Chicas. In the afternoon a good walk up to the tallest Kahikatea Tree in New Zealand on the Kaniwhaniwha Trails with Nigel and Gus.  A great day all round.