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Rā 228 Rāpare 17 o Here-Turi-Kokā

Some things never change….

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Rā 89, Rāpare 30 o Poutū-te-rangi 2017

A long day today. Meetings started at 8.00am and the day finished with an ‘unconference’ at Hamilton Junior High School. Enjoyed chatting to old friends and meeting new ones and sharing ideas.

Managed to get to Craft just in Timetime for 3BT! I like this photo of Nigel even though his eyes are closed.

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Rā 44, Rāhina 13 o Huitānguru 2017

Summer is struggling! It’s warm and muggy but so, so windy!  Bouncy flight down to Wellie this afternoon with stunning views of …clouds! 

Two new craft beer bars (to me) this evening (Husk and Rogues and Vagabonds) and great #handstandfebruary opps.

The one in front of David Bowie was cool but I prefer this one…

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Day 113 April 22nd 2016

Home again and how good is my own bed!? A great night’s sleep, a good day’s work and a lovely evening out with Nigel. The moon has been beautiful this week and getting rounder! We watched as it rose high in the sky, silvery shiny in the inky darkness.


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Day 106 April 15 2016

We enjoy a beer or three at our ‘local’ on Friday evenings.  The number of small craft brewers  in New Zealand has grown exponentially in the last 7 years and we now enjoy  a range of excellent beers. The Craftbar usually has around 12 different beers on tap so plenty to choose from. Great for the palate, not so good for the waistline!  But great to unwind after a busy week.