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Rā 49, Rāhoroi 18 o Huitānguru 2017

Early morning oxfam trailwalk training in the arboretum. We went round and round for a couple of hours! Chooks rule the roost at Taitua and we came across plenty of hens with chicks. Enjoyed the display put on by two swans too as they danced their dance of love! A traditional photo in the climbing tree and, of course, a handstand. This time in the stone circle. 

Think this is my pick of the day…

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Rā 272, Rāapa 28 o Mahuru

A long day at the computer planning for ULearn and doing my PTC stuff. So it was good to escape for a walk to the arboretum. The sky looked threatening but we managed 8km before a few drops started to fall. By then we were back at the car!  Beautiful light.