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Rā 360 Rāpare 28 o Hakihea

Raspberries for breakfast every day at the moment. Yum!

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Rā 357 Rāhina 25 o Hakihea

Christmas Day 2017.

It was strange not to have any children in the house on Christmas morning. The start of times to come, I suppose.

The boys arrived late morning for brunch. Waffles and fresh fruit with fresh coffee outside in the sunshine.

Board games followed which meant a late dinner. Managed to get the boys together for a family photo. They don’t change!

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Rā 356 Rātapu 24 o Hakihea

It was lovely to have Christmas Eve visitors today. A last minute change of plan saw Harry Hoggarth and Megan arrive yesterday afternoon for their last 24hrs of their stay in NZ.

Breakfast in the garden followed by a walk in to town for lunch, then a dash to Auckland airport.

Lovely to see Gus and Harry still friends after all these years.

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Rā 351 Rātu 19 o Hakihea

Clearly, I have missed a couple of days as the maths doesn’t work! Never mind!

Don’t you just love 2nd hand shops? Fascinating what people will buy. One man’s junk is definitely another man’s treasure. But the commentary and insights into social history is what intrigues me. Just take this front cover of People magazine from 1959.

The truth about Rock Hudson was still to come out. The tragedy is that he had to hide who he was.