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Rā 191 Rātu 11 o Hōngongoi 

Christchurch is developing…every time I come I notice changes, new artwork, new buildings. There is still chaos but order does seem to be coming.

This is the memorial garden to the people who died in the CTV building. It made us cease our chatter and contemplate. 

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Rā 184 Rātu 4 o Hōngongoi 

This day is out of synch because I missed it!  A day spent planning workshops for next term with colleagues.  It’s always good to work in the same room as each other when most of our time is spent on line. 

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Rā 187 Rāmere 7 o Hōngongoi 

Last day of the school term and a group of teachers from a school I an working with spent their final afternoon working with me over kai. They are an inspirational crew; so dedicated and passionate about learning and teaching. I love their enthusiasm and ideas.  This is a good old brainstorm!

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Rā 186 Rāpare 6 o Hōngongoi 

After a day stuck indoors at the computer it was good to get outside for some fresh air.  Just a wee bit damp up Kakepuku this afternoon….and the views weren’t quite up to the normal standard.  But maybe keeping our heads down and focusing on not sliding was what got us to the top a couple of minutes faster than I’ve done it before! 

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Rā 185 Rāapa 5 o Hōngongoi

I signed up to do the 100 Day Project and am now up to Day 45. The plan is to constrain my photo-taking to a particular focus – I take a photo each day or create a drawing or photograph connected to the Māori kupu o rā and I also try to put the kupu into a sentence.

Today’s kupu is hīrere which can mean shower or burst of water such as a waterfall. I have chosen to represent it as a cascading stream and have created this video.


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Rā 182 Rātapu 2 o Hongongoi

Another half marathon knocked off. What I like about trail running is that every route is different.  Today’s was tough – a lot of climbing, which of course brings descents, and varied terrain so you don’t get bored.  I don’t like the gravel road but love the single tracks in the bush and picking my way down the grassy hills.  They never get any easier though!