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Day 20 January 20th 2016

Love the summer and Lake Rotoroa in Hamilton is a gem in the city.  So many families,  couples,  friends of all ages walking,  running,  chatting,  laughing,  sailing on a summer evening at the lake. 

Oh,  and these wee cuties too!  All the ducky birds out in force. The moorhen mummy was viciously defending her brood as I took photos. Never heard a moorhen hiss before!  Couldn’t choose so cheated and made a collage!


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Teacher of Languages first and foremost but passionate about learning and teaching. I have been learning how to blend technology into my teaching for the last twenty years and worked for seven years supporting colleagues to build their skills and confidence using digital technologies as part of their teaching and learning. In 2014 I was honoured to be awarded an eFellowship from Core Education which was a challenging and fun year. I am now a Connected Learning Advisor with Core Education. In that role I support school leaders in their planning and implementation of technology. I love being in the outdoors and spend as much of my time as I can in the bush, by the ocean and on mountains.

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